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  • When to replace your skateboard bearings

    January 16th, 2023
    How do you know your skateboard bearings need to be changed? To avoid a gruesome accident being your first clue, here’s a guide to when to replace a key part of your ride. A chain is only as strong ...

    Peter Ramondetta and Kyle Walker Pushing Oklahoma For Real Skateboards

    November 23rd, 2021
    For the Real’s 2012 “Surveillance” video series, Peter Ramondetta and Kyle Walker went home for a few days to push the streets of Oklahoma. The result? An inspiring video of them skating in thei...

    Biometric entry for California skate park; good or bad idea?

    November 23rd, 2021
    Open access, free to use skate parks are the lifeblood of the sport. However, can tech be used to improve security, safety and respect, without creating a ‘nanny culture’ in skateboarding? Managin...

    Bastien Salabanzi Speaks with Europeskate

    September 14th, 2021
    Bastien Salabanzi is a French professional skateboarder who began skateboarding back when he was just 9 years old. It didn’t take long for his talent to be spotted, as he secured his first sponsors...


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